We have tied up with SOPRTIFY for sports activities.

The school has all facilities for indoor and outdoor games with qualified coach for athletics. For grade I – V we have a quick start games programme, with assistance of progressive sports, aimed at introducing the various disciplines like cricket, tennis, basketball.

Club Activity – KG - VII

1 Literary Club Drama, Back to nature – poster making, writing – Environmental Pollution, Radio jingles, short story writing, Debate, Presentation of stories.
2 Science Club Quiz on science and inventions, Science fair and exhibition, Developing school garden, Preparing of charts, postures models.
3 Maths Club Math Dictionary making, Math model making, Critical thinking activities, Math Quiz, Math Puzzles, Math Games, Fun with Math (Jokes, riddles etc)
4 Art & Craft Club Creative Drawing and colouring, Clay modeling
5 Eco Club Collage making -10 ways you can help the earth, Debate on current environmental issues, Trial for making an invention which can minimize pollution, Culture and Tradition of India – Quiz
6 Quiz Club Current Affairs Quiz, Rapid fire round, Hunt your knowledge – our environment, puzzle – Great Discoveries, Hunt your knowledge – Development of India, Go Green.
7 Happiness Club For KG Classes only I and my hobbies (ask the students to present their hobbies in scrap book), Make a difference (picking up trash, planting trees, cleaning the class room) Portrait from nature make portrait by using flower, leaves etc.) make a collage on the happiest moments of your life
8 Heritage Club Nature conservation day, essay writing on important monuments, quiz on national heritage, students wearing traditional clothes, students bringing traditional foods, making collage of important heritage monuments and forts.
9 Innovation Club Drawing and painting without brushes, conducting engineering challenges for kids with cups. Craft, sticks and cubes, create new inventions, holding science expo in school, planning a vegetable garden in school
10 Health Club Periodical check – up of eyes and teeth, poster making, conducting awareness rallies, keeping the surroundings clean in order to avoid infecting of diseases, maintaining hygienic record.

KG Competition For the Year

S.NO Date Competition
1 06.07.2018 Arranging the Alphabets / Self Introduction
2 21.08.2018 Arranging the Beads / Self Designer
3 12.10.2018 Slow Ball Race / Rakhi Making
4 02.11.2018 Balance the Book on the Head
5 23.11.2018 Filling the water Bottle / Thirukural Recitation
6 07.12.2018 Indoor Games
7 11.01.2019 Colour a Picture / Clay Modelling
8 05.02.2019 Elecution (My Mother / My Father)
9 11.02.2019 Word Puzzle / Creative Writing
10 22.02.2019 10 22.02.2019 Fancy Dress / Various Competition

I to III Competition for the Year

S.NO Date Competition
1 06.07.2018 Drawing/ Self Introduction / young mathematician
2 21.08.2018 Oratorical in English / Computer painting
3 12.10.2018 Hand Writing
4 02.11.2018 Oratorical in Tamil / Finger Painting
5 07.12.2018 Solo Dance / Song Antakshri / Solo Singing
6 11.01.2019 Greeting Card Making
7 05.02.2019 Memory Competition
8 22.02.2019 Thirukkural Recitation / Mono Act

IV to VII Competition for the Year

S.NO Date Competition
1 06.07.2018 Hand Writing / Self Introduction
2 21.08.2018 Drawing / Computer Painting / Young Scientist
3 12.10.2018 Instrument / Jewellery Making
4 02.11.2018 Pot Painting / Greeting Card
5 07.12.2018 Poem Recitation / News Paper Making
6 11.01.2019 Wealth out of Waste / Compile
7 05.02.2019 Solo Dance / Solo Song / Mimicry
8 22.02.2019 Radio Jockey/ AD –Making /Young Journalism